In the additional information section of your electric bill, you will see what load group (LG) and double order (DO) numbers that your system is set to. This is an example:

Once you have this information, you can go to Minnkota Power Cooperative’s website at to obtain the latest information regarding Minnkota’s load control plans, the current state of the load management system, and the recent control history.

LG 101 and 102 are for short-term control up to 4 hours at one time and up to 8 hours per day (water heaters). Water heaters do not go through the off peak meter. Members receive up to a $6 credit on their monthly electric bill when they participate in this program. The short-term rate is 10.3 cents per kWh.

LG 201 and 203 are for medium-term control up to 12-16 hours/day (storage heat). At this time, storage heat is also at the 6.8 cent rate, but may end up costing a bit more in the future than long-term loads listed below.

LG 301 and 309 are for long-term control for extended periods of time (furnaces, baseboard heaters, etc). You must have an adequate and automatic back-up heating system to get you through long periods of time without electric heat. In exchange for this, you pay only 6.8 cents/kwh compared to the 12.6 cent regular rate.

Members experiencing problems with their back up systems may choose a short term control at 10.3 cents/kwh, but they will not be allowed back on the 6.8 cent rate until an adequate and automatic backup is installed. Members are also able to choose no load control, but the cost of their electric heating will double without control. They will not be eligible to return to the 6.8 cent rate for at least one year, and an adequate, automatic backup must be installed.

This load management program enables the cooperative to control electric load during the peak periods of demand. These peak periods of demand often occur on the coldest, windiest winter days and the hottest, most humid summer days. Load control can also be influenced by the availability and price of electric energy in the wholesale marketplace. When load control occurs on your off-peak system, North Star avoids paying peak demand charges for that electricity.  These savings are passed along to the off-peak members with the low off-peak heating rate. If you have any questions about load control or would like to discuss your off-peak options, please give us a call and ask for the Member Service department.

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