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When you experience a power outage, you want you service restored as quickly as possible. To help us restore service as quickly and efficiently as possible, it is important that you notify us.
What to do if you lose power?
  1. Wait a few minutes to see if the power comes back on by itself.  If it does not, check with your neighbors if possible, to see if they are also out of power.  If they are, report that when you call in your outage.
  2. Check your fuses or breakers in the house or on the meter pole.  Any issues from your meter to your home are your responsibility.  The cooperative is responsible for problems from the meter to our service lines and beyond.  If the issue is on your side of the meter, you may need an electrician for assistance. 
  3. If your fuses and breakers are good, call in your outage at 888-668-8243 or report your outage using your SmartHub® app login.  If calling in, please provide the name we have on our records for the account, as well as the account number or meter number, if possible, which are found on your electric bill.  Also provide any other information that may help us locate the cause of the outage, such as a downed tree, lightning strike, car accident, or if you heard a loud bang.

Please do not use email or Facebook to report an outage. We cannot guarantee messages received via email or Facebook will be monitored during an outage.  In the case of widespread outages, please follow our Facebook page, as we may post outage updates there if information is available.

How long will my power be out?

It is hard to predict how long an outage will take to be restored due to the number of variables. Power outages may be caused by weather, animals, trees, dig-ins, auto accidents, or equipment failure, and each has their own unique set of circumstances and safety procedures. The time it takes to restore power can vary greatly, depending on the cause and circumstance. 

Because of this, sometimes we are not able to provide an estimated restoration time. Unfortunately, this is often the case following major storms that impact a lot of members, because of the number of incidents for crews to address.  We cannot provide good estimates until the incident has been assessed, a cause determined, and we have assigned a crew to the job. Sometimes conditions change or we may need to bring in additional crews or equipment and outages may last longer than estimated. Linemen begin at the power source and work their way out to individual services.  Our crews work hard to restore outage as quickly and safely as possible.  We appreciate your cooperation and patience during these times.

How can I be prepared?

Place our outage number (888-668-8243) and account number near your telephone or enroll in SmartHub to report outage via your mobile app. Create a plan and prepare an emergency preparedness kit with essentials like flashlights, batteries, medicine, blankets, food and water.  Have a battery-powered radio available.  Unplug sensitive electronic equipment.  Keep refrigerator and freezer doors closed. Food should keep for up to 48 hours in a freezer if the door remains closed.

Click below to view our outage map, displaying any power outages currently being experienced on our system.