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Whether you are building a new home or thinking about replacing your existing home’s heating/cooling system, contact our Member Services department today and let us assist you in selecting a heating system that you will be happy with for years to come. A good heating system should provide comfort, be reliable and have low operating costs. We will also assist you with applying for the many residential rebates available for heating and cooling, smart thermostats and more!

Electric Plenum

An electric plenum is one of the most common off-peak electric heating systems available today. Easily convert your existing natural gas, LP or oil furnace into a "dual-fuel" (electric/gas-oil) system. Having this ability to use lower cost electric rates when connected to our demand response program allows you to use the most cost-effective heating source available and can save you hundreds of dollars off your heating bills each year. A plenum heater uses your existing furnace fan to move air across the plenum heater elements to heat your home. Both your fossil fuel furnace and the electric plenum heater utilize the same thermostat and duct work.

Air Source Heat Pumps

Air source heat pump (ASHP) systems can both heat and cool your home with the same unit, using refrigeration technology to transfer heat. In the spring, fall, and milder winter months, the unit extracts the heat from outside and transfers it into your home, acting as a supplemental heat source to keep your home warm and comfortable. In the summer, the process is reversed, and the unit removes heat from your home and releases it outdoors. ASHPs are up to 300% efficient – helping you save on your energy costs.

Thermal Storage Heaters

Whether you’re looking to heat a single room, your entire home, Steffes offers several products that utilize an efficient Electric Thermal Storage (ETS) heating system. Both furnaces and room heating units deliver reliable and consistent comfort. ETS systems gain efficiency by taking advantage of our demand response program and our off-peak rate. Steffes ETS systems convert off-peak electricity to heat and store it in heating elements contained within high-density ceramic bricks. With a Steffes system, you have the ability to store vast amounts of heat for long periods of time, which means you can get on-peak performance for an off-peak price.

Geothermal Heat Pumps

A geothermal heating and cooling system — also known as a ground-source heat pump — has by far the highest efficiency for the combination of space heating and cooling of any other system on the market today. The reason for this efficiency advantage is simple: geothermal systems do not consume fuel to produce heat. Instead, they capture some of the virtually limitless heat constantly available a few feet below the surface of the earth. The typical geothermal system consists of a closed loop of special plastic tubing installed underground and an electrically powered compressor inside the home or other structure to be heated. An environmentally friendly, biodegradable antifreeze solution is circulated through the tubing. Geothermal heat pumps use no outside condensing units, so there’s no noise or humming to bother either you or your neighbors. Because they use fewer mechanical components, and because those components are sheltered from the elements, geothermal heat pumps are durable and highly reliable.

Underfloor Heating

Whether it is electric cable or hydronic tubing – underfloor heating offers efficient heat when installed properly and designed for the off-peak electric heating rate. In new construction projects, underfloor heating elements are buried in a sand bed beneath the concrete slab. The sand and slab serve as storage agents when warmed, emitting heat into the room. Underfloor heating can also be mounted below the floor of an existing wood construction in most cases. An underfloor storage system can heat an entire building or may be used to supplement another heat source. You can also receive the off-peak heating rate with this system.

Thermal Storage Water Heaters

Rheem Marathon® non-metallic electric water heaters are durable, lightweight, and warranted not to leak as long as you own your home. This industry-best warranty makes it a smart purchase you can count on for years to come. Connected to our demand response program, it will save you both energy and money.