2019 Knowledge Scholarship Winners

Congratulations to these 2019 Knowledge Scholarship winners! And thanks to all students who took the test!

First Place $700.00 each          Score

Caleb Hostetter-International Falls                       97%

Marianne Gray – Littlefork/Big Falls                      97%

Second Place $400.00 each

Lexie Rennemo – Lake of the Woods                  95%

Danielle Piekarski – Littlefork/Big Falls                 95%

Jaylin Raschke – Lake of the Woods                    89%

$100.00 Random Cash Awards

Sydney Hufnagle – Lake of the Woods

Alicia Draper – Lake of the Woods

J’Karay Mathias – Lake of the Woods

Corinne Dahl – Indus

Logan Luecken -Littlefork/Big Falls

Ralph Crane – Littlefork/Big Falls

Carter Lagergren – Littlefork/Big Falls

Chad Wennerstrand – International Falls

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