Have you been hearing information recently about the efficiency of Air Source Heat Pumps, and do you want to know more about them?  You can heat and cool with an ASHP.  Up here in northern Minnesota, they currently perform best about 9 months out of the year – all months except the very coldest months – but technology is getting better all the time.  Air Source Heat Pumps can be up to 300% efficient, so for every kWh you purchase, you may get the BTU equivalent of up to 3 kWh’s of heat out of your ASHP.  Reverse this process in the summer, and heat is moved OUT of your house, and your home is air conditioned.  For more information on these efficient units, view our ASHP info sheet, visit https://energy.gov/energysaver/air-source-heat-pumps, or call Kevin at our Baudette office at 218-634-2202.

To learn more about ASHPs, view this YouTube video produced by Mitsubishi at https://youtu.be/j0PzzcoO_zg. This video focuses on the use of ASHPs at Sunset Lodge on Lake of the Woods, right in our very own backyard!

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