EV (Electric Vehicle) Real-Life Resources

Interested in learning more about EV’s and how they work from a real-life perspective?  We have a few resources for you!

Amanda Groethe and Whitney Ditlevson from Stearns Electric Association in Central Minnesota embarked on a cross-country expedition to gain hands-on experience with an all-electric Tesla S.  Their destination was 1,200 miles away at Touchstone Energy’s Drive to CONNECT EVent.  They kept a driving log, which they documented on a blog, to provide electric vehicle education and to share their experience along the way!

Check out their blog at: https://roadtriprecharged.com.  They can be found on Facebook and Instagram at: roadtriprecharged. They also provided a half-hour presentation at MREA’s Energy Issues Summit.  This presentation is available on YouTube at: https://youtu.be/Hcuew0Nwp9E.

Also leading the charge in EV education is Minnkota Power Cooperative.  Kaylee Cusack of Minnkota Power hit the road in an all-electric 2018 Chevy Bolt, and took a tour of Minnkota coops in North Dakota and Minnesota.  She logged her experience as well.  You can find information about her road trip at: https://www.energizeyourdrive.com.


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