Please become engaged in the www.action.coop  grassroots effort coordinated by our national organization, NRECA.

We are asking the EPA to stick to its “all-of-the-above” promise, which includes coal as a source of future electricity.  Co-op members have invested billions of dollars on innovative, clean and efficient technologies, but the EPA’s proposal to regulate greenhouse gas emissions at new power plants now seems to be an “all-BUT-one” approach.

Rural electric co-ops across the nation band together and, during the recent Our Energy/Our Future campaign, sent 206,000 emails.  Another 400,000 postcards and letters were sent.  North Star had over 100 members engage, and we need even more participation this time around to STOP ELECTRICITY FROM BECOMING UNAFFORDABLE.  We must comment before mid-December.

Take two minutes and go to www.action.coop to TAKE ACTION.