February 2018 Enlightener

View the February 2018 Enlightener online! In this month’s Enlightener: All in the Family – Four Huots, four different Minnkota system co-ops Operation Round Up helps local programs [...]

January 2018 Enlightener

View the January 2018 Enlightener online! In this month’s Enlightener: Manager’s report/Board vacancies filled Outage Brownies recipe Ways to save energy and money Staff [...]

Operation Round Up

Local nonprofit community organizations are encouraged to apply for Operation Round Up® grants, made available by participating members of North Star Electric Cooperative. Members voluntarily [...]

Area Electrical Contractors

Knowledge Scholarships

Are you a student wanting to earn $1000 for an hour’s work? You could – if you study for North Star Electric Cooperative’s Scholarship test and come out with the best score. Even if your [...]

December 2017 Enlightener

View the December 2017 Enlightener online! In this month’s Enlightener: Thank you and congratulations to retiring directors Brzoznowski and Trueman Safely operating your portable generator [...]

November 2017 Enlightener

View the November 2017 Enlightener online! In this month’s Enlightener: 2017 Annual Meeting highlights A reliable heating backup system is a must! Give safety a shot when preparing for [...]

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month

Through the use of technology we can communicate with more people more easily than ever before. We can share our lives with family and friends no matter where they live. Most important, we have [...]

October 2017 Enlightener

View the October 2017 Enlightener online! In this month’s Enlightener: October is Co-op Month Don’t get burned by controlled or prescribed burning Board vacancies to fill Meter seals [...]

2017 Annual Meeting and Annual Report

The Annual Report to be presented at our October 6, 2017, Annual Meeting is now available online! Mark your calendars for our Friday, October 6 meeting, to be held at the Littlefork/Big Falls [...]